U R M Stores Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1921 a group of retail grocers founded a wholesale cooperative called United Retail Merchants that established URM Stores, Inc and today this united effort has made URM one of the largest privately owned companies in the Pacific Northwest.

URM Stores, Inc. (formerly United Retail Merchants) began with five people banded together to form the corporation under the laws of the State of Washington and the company history is filled with interesting stories of its fight to survive.  URM Stores, Inc., and its member-owners overcame the competition of five other wholesalers, the great depression, lack of financing, and a host of other problems and has survived and prospered.

This company extends services to over 160 grocery stores and well over 1,500 hotels, restaurants and convenience stores. Even though there has been a trend in recent times towards consolidation in the food industry, URM has remained totally independent and locally owned. Its goal is still in place: to be the most efficient food supplier in its marketing area. It has achieved this in most part as URM Stores Inc covers much of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Oregon and Montana and thus has an extensive market coverage and steady customer base.

URM is a retailer-owned business which means that the shareholders of URM are all retail grocers who are customers of URM, as well as its member-owners.  This dual relationship cements a special relationship in which the retailer and URM employees establish a close business bond and is one very important reason for the success of both the retailers and URM.  This time-tested relationship is the best way to serve the member-ownersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ needs and to provide them with the support necessary to ensure their growth and success. To provide member-owners and customers with economical merchandise coupled with quality services that enable them to maximize market share and enhance net worth, is what URM has been working hard to establish. The company has a vision of being able to strengthen through growth the contribution of its corporate profit centers and at the same time, be capable of providing a working environment that encourages personal and career growth for all employees.