Valley City Environmental Services Inc


Valley City Environmental Services has been facilitating industry with disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes since 1969. The company focuses on the disposal of hazardous as well as non hazardous wastes like chemical wastes, industrial wastes, laboratory wastes, electronic wastes, packaging wastes, etc. by undertaking cleaning and maintenance projects.

Regular maintenance of production process is a key element in quality control and efficiency. 
Company has got experience in a wide range of cleaning projects from large storage tanks and plating lines to paint booths, process stacks and chemical totes and provides cleaning and maintenance projects. Company specializes in hazardous material requirements where thoughtful preparation and strict adherence to operating procedures are essential to safety and compliance.

Company provides experienced staff to regularly manage industrial waste and hazardous materials. Laboratory waste and other very small volumes of chemicals require special classification, segregation, packaging and approval for disposal.  Valley City can handle all the special requirements for these "loose pack and lab pack" projects.
A special training is provided to the technical staff for the transfer or special handling of hazardous materials used in production processes. Valley City's staff and equipment are available 24-7 to respond to meet the emergency needs of customers.  Valley city is always ready with its own significant fleet and knowledgeable staff to deal with any kind of unexpected problem. Valley City operates one of the largest truck fleets in the region dedicated to the transportation of industrial waste and recyclable materials, but they also have other specialized equipment available that may be important to the periodic needs. Portable 21,000 gallon "frac tanks" and smaller poly tanks are available with secondary containment when needed for temporary storage. High volume vacuum tankers, vacuum boxes, and dumping vacuum tanks are available for collection of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Valley City has the staff and equipment needed to efficiently move electronic waste and they also effectively manages small volumes or truckloads that can include de-installation of equipment or special packaging, and can customize a special plan for collection and short-term storage if needed.

Throughout the years Valley City has continually invested in the equipment and staff necessary to service the changing needs of customers, thus providing customer satisfaction and also assures to provide the same in the future.