Western Waterproofing Co.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Western Waterproofing Co was established in 1918, Western Waterproofing Company is the oldest and most experienced waterproofing and restoration contractor in the U.S. Western has built a solid status based on knowledge, experience and reliability. Completing more than 1,500 projects per year, Western has grown into the largest midwestern contractor specializing in restoration of aging structures and skilled construction of new structures.  

From last 88 years company has invigorated aging structures in a dozen states across the country. These projects range from below-grade waterproofing of a 600,000 square foot auto assembly plant, to weatherproofing a 32-story office tower, to the delicate cleaning and renovation of stone and terracotta on a 100 years old church.  

Company corporate experience and the individual skill of their superintendents and tradesmen is a key to a successful job. Company knows what materials and techniques will yield the highest performance for their specific conditions and budgets. Western is available to advise clients on the methods most appropriate for cost and timesavings. The best support of their successful craftsmanship is the long list of repeat customers, owners, contractors and construction managers who invite them to work on their projects.  

Their experience in waterproofing and wet proofing new buildings spans the entire variety of building types, environmental and site conditions. Western Waterproofing understands the individual needs and requirements of every project and works hand-in-hand with architects; engineers and general contractors to make sure proper materials are utilized in every case.

Company crews are fully understands the importance of properly detailing all below-grade waterproofing and proceeding in a timely manner to avoid delays in construction. Leak Detection, Decorative Waterproof Coatings, Cementations & Electrometric, Traffic Bearing Membrane, Water Repellents, Clear Penetrating Sealers, Joint Sealants & Caulking, Needle glazing, Waterproofing, Above & below Grade, Hot & Cold Membranes, Wall Flashings and Metallic, Ironite Systems are some of the significant features processed by Western Waterproofing Company.

Western Waterproofing has performed work on many registered historical monuments in agreement with the U.S. Historical Society. Historic renovations require crews which are particularly trained in this trade. Their management team and field supervisors stay up to date on the many special requirements contained under preservation grants and pay close attention to the use and supervision of approved techniques.