Wick Building Systems Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wick Building Systems founded by John F. Wick is a company serving the shelter needs and desires of families, farmers and business people within the boundaries of the United States since 1954. Wick Building Systems has long set the industry standard for high quality homes and buildings and for over half a century, the Wick family and its dedicated team of employees, builders and suppliers have used top-quality materials to streamline factory processes in the effort of providing better homes and buildings.

The company serves specific residential and non-residential housing needs and sells its products under brand names of Wick Buildings, John Wick Homes, Art craft Hokes, Marshfield Homes and Rollohome. Conventional single family homes and multi-family units are the specialty of John Wick Homes and while walls, roof trusses and floor decks are constructed inside an environmentally controlled factory, the components and other home materials are delivered to the home site and completed by field set and trim crews.

Custom-designed, panelized homes were introduced in 1967 which offered more choices to homebuyers. This panelized building system allowed constructing wall and floor sections within environmentally controlled factories while assuring quality of workmanship; also proved to bring about faster onsite construction and move-in by the customer. Marketed by the founderÂâ€Ã¢„¢s name, nearly 25,000 such have been constructed for families in the greater Midwest.

John Wick Homes has been helping families realize their dreams of owning a new, affordable home since 1966 and is one of three companies within Wick Building Systems, Inc. The other companies manufacture steel commercial and agricultural buildings and modular homes.

A Modular/Manufactured Homes division was also established with three distinct product lines: Artcraft Homes, Marshfield Homes and Rollohome. This home building system allows for construction of nearly the entire home within environmentally controlled factories which is delivered to the building site in sections for fast completion and move-in. These are marketed through a network of authorized independent builders and number nearly 150,000 throughout the U.S. Local and state conventional housing codes for the area in which the home is to be sited are used as guidelines and manufactured homes are built to a federal pre-emptive building code (the "HUD Code").

John Wick decided how his business would run 50 years ago and the tradition continues: honest value, service and loyalty to Homeowners, Builders, Employees, the Community and Suppliers- in that order!