Acme Truck Line Inc.


Acme Truck Line was established in 1960 as a Louisiana intrastate oilfield hauler. The company consisted of six trucks, two small sheds in Harvey, Louisiana, and three office employees.

ACME has developed into a recognized industry leader with a fleet of over 1,300 trucks, more than 30 markets and nationwide operating authorities, in seven states, 24 hours per day - 365 days each year. The variety of locations and equipment make sure that ACME always has on hand the proper inventory of equipment to meet even the most composite customer need and allows ACME to haul some 4,000 loads of oilfield and general commodities freight each week. The company having full service ACME terminals in customer setting guarantees that customer receives the personal service and quick response to be need and earn.

ACME opened its second office in 1974 and now operates over 70 nationwide. This creates backhauls and assistance for ACME drivers nationwide, an aggressive national sales effort, and better customer service. ACME is a modern, computerized, efficient operation headquartered in Harvey, Louisiana, in the heart of the New Orleans industrial district. From last 40 years of continuous development has prepared ACME to meet the challenges of the future and respond to an ever-changing marketplace.

Acme Truck Line has been a leader in the transportation of equipment, materials and supplies throughout the United States. ACME assembles the very best people and equipment available anywhere and dedicated them to excellent customer service. ACME is conceited of its outstanding record of safe on-time deliveries, and their status for honesty and financial constancy.

Acme Logistics operates a state of the art computerized truck management facility that specializes in cost reduction through efficient use of truck assets. The major offices are connected via the Internet for quick and effective dispatching. ACME has always wholly used owner/operators in order to give strong inspiration for excellent customer service. A company that utilizes all leased equipment shares opportunity and responsibility with its employees and permits for faster growth and more flexibility in matching truck inventory to market needs.