Acquifer Drilling & Testing Inc


Acquifer Drilling & Testing Inc. was established in 1988, they have led the Land and Marine Drilling Services industry by utilizing State of the art Truck Mounted Equipment, Limited-Access Track-Mounted Drill Rigs and Geoprobes. Their highly trained field team provides safe and cost effective Environmental, Geotechnical, Geothermal and Geoprobe Drilling Services at a viable price.

The company provides specialty services: Off Shore Barge Drilling, All-Terrain Rigs for Steep Access Areas, Test Pitting and Vacuum Soil Excavation for Litho Logic and Utility Surveys, Hi-Torque Rigs for Deep Auger Drilling/Discrete Groundwater Sampling to 300 ft and Restricted Access Rigs (Indoor & Low-Clearance Drilling down to 8 ft. of overhead).

Limited-Access Track Mounted Drill Rigs are one of the most flexible drill rigs offered by Aquifer drilling and testing. With these rigs you can drill at the corner gas station or off-road inaccessible to truck mounted rigs. Limited access also means, in-door drilling in places like factories or service bays. The units are self -propelled, the operator can situate the rig in tight areas that are inaccessible to truck mounted units.

Environmental Services: Air& Mud Rotary Drilling, Well Abandonment, Packer and Pump Testing, Soil & Groundwater Sampling, Hollow Steam Augers, Monitoring Wells and Piezometers, Geoprobe and Hydropunch sampling, Recovery, Vapor Extraction, and Sparge Wells, QED Multi-Port Sampling and Multi-Screened Wells and ORC and HRC & other Chemical Injections.

Geotechnical Services: Test Borings, ASTM Standard Penetration Tests, Shelby Tube and Piston Sampling, Soil Classifications by Unified, ASTM, USDA and/or Burmeister Systems, Vane Shear Testing, Wire line NQ thru HQ Core Drilling, Restricted Access, Low Head Room, All-Terrain, and Marine Drilling, Wire line Piezometers and Cross-Hole Seismic Wells, and Test Pitting .ADT is a member of the Test Boring Association & the National Drillers Association.

Geothermal Services: Open Loop System, Closed Loop & Horizontal Systems and Standing Column Well Installations Up to 1500 Feet. ADT are a member of the GeoExchange Consortium & the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.
In addition to ADT's drilling services, they also have associate companies that provide construction services to Environmental Engineers and Geologists.