Adarand Constructors Inc.


The most important event in Adarand's record is its stand against inequities in the federal and state positive action programs. Adarand decided to file a lawsuit because it was losing 10 to 12 percent of work each year, simply because it was not considered a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE). The U.S. Supreme Court found in Adarand's favor in 1995.
Adarand receives approximately 85 percent of its contracts from Colorado's Department of Transportation and local city governments. The remaining business is resultant from developers and commercial contracts. The company has currently employs approximately 47 employees and has a wide fleet of vehicles and equipment. The company decision has had nationwide impact and changed the criteria necessary for any governmental unit to establish and maintain a positive action program and assembly must reduce or modify any existing programs to be in agreement.

Adarand Constructors is customer first choice for the installation or removal of: guardrails, fences and barriers. The company has an outstanding status for good quality products and service. Adarand Constructors installs, removes and repairs guardrail, fence, and barrier on highways throughout the state of Colorado. From last so many years Adarand has had many challenging projects, some of which include the installation of guardrail on Interstate-25 between Castle Rock and Monument and the installation of three miles of chain link fence for the U.S. Air Force Academy's south boundary line.

Adarand has worked hard to establish and maintain an outstanding reputation for quality products and service. The company believes that each employee contributes directly to the success of Adarand and they look forward to many more years of development and service in the highway industry.

They think that each employee contributes directly to Adarand's enlargement and achievement and they value teamwork. The company has offer viable wages, good benefits, training and advancement opportunities. Their employment opportunities disagree throughout the year. They promise to provide equal employment opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, gender, age and disability.

The company mission are dedicated to being Colorado's premier guardrail and fence contractor, they take pride in saving lives and property and they are committed and dedicated to quality, service and employee development.