Alliance Tractor Trailer Training Center


Tractor-Trailer Training Center was established in October of 1981, Alliance started its first class in Arden, North Carolina. Alliance Tractor-Training Centers' program, equipment and facilities have developed rapidly to keep speed with the ever-increasing demand for quality-trained drivers. 
In January of 1983, their Wytheville, Virginia location was opened, approximately 65 miles south of Roanoke, Virginia. In April of 1983, the first class was held at third location in McDonough, Georgia, approximately 20 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia. In January of 1987, a new Corporate Office and Training Complex was opened in Arden, North Carolina, approximately 10 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina. In April of 1990, training began at fifth location near Benson, North Carolina, approximately 30 miles southeast of Raleigh, North Carolina. In July of 1995, Ladysmith, Virginia location was opened as an additional location of Wytheville, Virginia approximately 39 miles north of Richmond, Virginia.
The Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Center location in Fletcher, North Carolina serves not only as a training facility, but also as the corporate headquarters. The training space that is available for students is approximately 3,500 square feet with a training field of 4 acres providing two full training courses and an adequate inventory of field and road equipment to get the needs of the students. Prospective students are confident to visit any of Alliance locations.
Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Center VI near Ladysmith, Virginia is an additional location of Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training II Inc. of Wytheville, Virginia. This location provides approximately 10,000 square feet of training space and a training field of approximately 5 acres with an adequate inventory of training equipment.
Alliance tractor-trailer training centers can assists students to get further in life by starting their career as a tractor-trailer operator. Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Centers has dedicated over 20 years in training both men and women to become professional tractor-trailer drivers. Alliance has successfully provided thousands of individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to go to work in the trucking industry.
Alliance currently provides both full and part time programs to facilitate both employed and unemployed students the flexibility they need to receive their training. They having five locations purposefully placed throughout the Southeast, Alliance has the facilities, as well as the qualified staff, to assist put student on the road to success.