American Concrete Industries


American Concrete Industries (ACI) has been manufacturing concrete products for more than 40 years.  

Initially, ACI was under the name of Maine Shawnee Step Company Inc formed by the Snowe brothers, Carleton, Richard & John and changed the name to American Concrete Industries in 1957.  

Since 1957 ACI has been manufacturing high quality pre-cast concrete products. Initially started of producing concrete steps and then later moved into manufacturing burial vaults, septic tanks and commercial products.  American Concrete now employs more than hundred people and delivers pre-cast concrete products throughout Maine and northern New England.  

American Concrete Industries manufactures residential, leaching, commercial, highway & transportation, farm, etc. products. American Concrete manufactures concrete septic tanks that are fitted with plastic outlet filters for baffles. Lift stations are pre-cast into the same forms that are used for septic tanks, in different sizes. American Concrete's proprietary lift station control panel installs and distributes high quality pumps produced by Barnes Pumps. All concrete holding tanks come with 30' of UF cable and battery backup alarms which are top seam the liquid level and is always below the seam between the cover and the tank. Concrete risers blocks are mostly used to bring the access to septic tanks to grade level and this allows cleaning and inspecting of tank at anytime and it also can be used for Well Tile, Drainage Rings, etc.  

American Concrete Industries manufactures leaching products, which consists of concrete chambers, infiltrators, plastic pipe. Commercial products include grease traps, commercial septic tanks, transformer pads, etc. Box culverts are one of the most versatile and cost effective pre-cast concrete products on the market today, meeting and exceeding the needs of a multitude of fast-paced construction projects. For highway & construction, ACI used concrete box culverts which have good features like minimum traffic delay, long life span, and proven concrete solution. It can be used for underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges, stream culverts, material handling. Pre-cast concrete products are manufactured in a controlled environment and exhibit high quality and uniformity with quick installation in a matter of hours by using a crane and a small crew.  

Pre-cast concrete L sections, either 4' or 8'-6" high, by 5' wide are used for manure pits, silos, and storage bins and the system also comes with corners, gates, and buttresses.  

American Concrete Industries manufacture different concrete products with quality product with good benefits.