Ampro Inc.


Ampro Pest Control Service is a full service division of LawnTech. The company provides commercial and residential service throughout eastern Idaho. Customer will not find a more complete, higher quality, or more responsive lawn service company in Eastern Idaho. Their personal contact and consultation with customers that has brought them here. They have built their business with customer in mind, and brought together the best people, programs, and products to serve the customer needs.  

The company is 100 percent homegrown and home owned and the owners are here every day to make sure customer complete pride. Professional Staff, Customized Programs, and Guaranteed Results. LawnTech Lawn Care Schedule their lawn schedule provides up to 5 scheduled applications per growing season, all designed for the season and conditions. The customer Lawn Specialist will recognize and counsel of particular problems such weeds, insects, disease and soil conditions.

Their premium program includes the 5 Scheduled Lawn Treatments, Soil Test (Free with this program), and Core Aeration. Their traditional program includes the 4 Scheduled Lawn Treatments and Soil Test. Their economy program to boost turf health have 3 Scheduled Lawn Treatments, Custom programs can be designed to meet customer correct needs. And the other Lawn Services like, Broadleaf Weed Control, Lawn Insect Control, Power raking and Tall Rescue Control.  

The company Plant Health Care (PHC) program is a refreshing new concept that focuses on the natural defenses of a plant to promote health, growth and beauty of customer plants. Every plant is different and has a unique set of conditions in which to live. The LawnTech staff is professionally trained arborists and Plant Health Care technicians will monitor customer trees and vegetation.  

Their Commitment and dedication to customer Plant Beauty and Health May Include: Plant Monitoring and Consultation, Timed Deep Root Fertilization, Insect Foliage Protection, Disease Control, Tree & Plant Appraisal, Fruit Insect Protection, and Specialty Nutrient and Pesticide Injection. In a built-up landscape, trees require a higher level of care to maintain their beauty. The most common maintenance procedure, pruning should be done with an understanding of how the tree responds to each cut.  

Every PHC Tree Program starts with an inventory of customer plants, consultation and carefully selected services that are designed to match their expectations.