ATF Trucking LLC.


American Trans-Freight (ATF) is a full-service transportation company offering complete capabilities in trucking, logistic services and committed and dedicated fleet operations, with a reputation for providing constantly dependable value at a fair price.

American Trans-Freight deliver in every mode trucking services for local, regional and long-haul routes, Trailers in any size or shape van, refrigerated, flatbed, specialized, Multimodal, truck, rail, air and ship. American Trans Freight including committed and private fleets Equipment leasing, driver leasing, fleet maintenance, Operations management, information management, yard management.

The company provides with a full-range of services Computerized load planning for load optimization and least-cost-routing, Custom information management, reporting and billing to match customer needs, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) expertise in whichever format customer require, International shipments handled door to door, complete with customs paperwork.

From last 30 years of American Trans-Freight experience in serving: Manufacturing - Satisfying the requirements of Just in Time delivery. Retail, responding to seasonal peaks and valleys, Food and beverage, Ensuring timely, damage free delivery, Unique shipping applications; fulfilling special requirements with tailor made solutions for customer exact needs.

The customer service is apparent at every level of their organization, facilitated by a short chain of command and authorized by full management support. American Trans-Freight has high percentage of on time picks up and delivery is monitored with 100 percent follow up to confirm every shipment's timely, safe arrival. Their high rate of load acceptance minimizes the need for excessive phone calls on the part of customer.

American Trans-Freight in-house capabilities, stable vendor relationships and financial resources deliver results. The company least-cost-routing software and EDI capabilities save time and money for customer and their client. To overcome traffic, weather, or mechanical obstacles beyond their control, without compromising scheduled delivery times. The company does it all, including all scheduling and documentation for truck, rail, air, ship and international cargo.