Austin Powder Co.


Austin Powder Co. was established in 1832, five Austin brothers left Vermont to seek a suitable site in the west for a powder mill. They traveled as far as Kansas City, Missouri, where they found sufficient raw materials for producing black powder, but only a small market. So the AustinÂâ€Ã¢„¢s turned around and headed back east to Ohio. In 1833, having determined that they had both the necessary raw materials and a large market, they established the first powder mill in Ohio along the winding Cuyahoga River, just south of Cleveland, at a small iron-making community called Old Forge.

In 1867, Austin had the means to purchase a competitor, Cleveland Powder Company. The transaction included 400 acres of land at the 5-mile lock of the Ohio Canal. This is now the heart of industrial Cleveland, occupied by the Republic Steel Corporation and Aluminum Company of America plants. Austin develops a fleet of mobile tech vans, staffed with trained Austin explosives engineers. The services include; laser profilers, borehole deviation measurement tools, continuous VOD equipment, seismographs and high-speed cameras.

Austin Powder provides the materials and know-how for successful rock quarrying and it also provides stone for concrete, construction, roads and playgrounds, glass and steel industries. Austin Powder product: High Explosives (Enviroseis, Enviroprime, DES Charges.)
Austin is the second oldest manufacturing company in Ohio. They manufacture a full line of industrial explosives and accessories and provide blasting services to customers throughout North America and around the world. Their main plants are in McArthur, Ohio; Camden, Arkansas; Brownsville, Texas; and Valle Hermosa, Mexico (see Austin Star Detonator). Distribution in the U.S. and Canada is primarily through 65 company-owned stores.

Austin, make a full line of industrial explosives, blasting agents, and accessories. Austin main manufacturing facility is the Red Diamond plant in McArthur, Ohio. It is the core manufacturing operation for Austin Powder Company. The company is ISO 9001 compliant and is recognized around the world for state of the art manufacturing processes and the incorporation of safe work practices. Austin Red Diamond research facility continues the tradition and Austin product developed at our R&D laboratories must pass a stringent quality assurance-testing program before it is introduced into the market.