Batesville Casket.


Batesville Casket Company was established in 1906 by John A. Hillenbrand liberated, from collapse, a small town coffin manufacturing business called Batesville Coffin Company. The company had been producing hand made wooden coffins with ornate pictures designed by furniture and cabinetmakers from1884. Hillenbrand acquired the company; he changed the name to Batesville Casket Company, marking the first of many changes that would eventually establish the company as the industry leader.

Batesville is the newest product line, surrounding resources products and resources. Cremation urns, in a beautiful collection of materials, are further improvement by personalization and custom display supports. The company is designed as permanent memorials, to contain remains in their entirety and also Keepsake versions. A large spectrum of cremation containers is available. Additionally, the Options group has created a number of marketing resource materials for use by their customers to more effectively serve families who choose cremation.

The company headquartered in Batesville, Indiana, Batesville Casket Company is a contributory of Hillenbrand Industries and is the leading manufacturer of metal and hardwood burial caskets. The company is also a leading provider of cremation urns and caskets, and related support services. The hallmarks of company are excellent beauty and superior quality.

Batesville is the nationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest manufacturer of bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel and hardwood caskets, with five plants in five states and employing over 3,500 people and over 500 various styles and colors of caskets are available, plus a complete line of cremation products.

Batesville Products: Burial Caskets Metal caskets; including those made from bronze, copper, stainless steel and steel are known for their unique finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals; both are naturally non-rusting. Stainless and carbon steel caskets come in a variety of grades, gauges, styles and finishes.

Cremation Containers & Urns; More and more American families are opting for cremation instead of burial and are various and personal, most families still choose traditional funeral services to go together with the cremation.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s commitment and dedication to continual evolution and product innovations has brought it to the forefront of every important new development in manufacturing and merchandising programs in funeral service. The quality, dependability, service and a dedication to excellence and continuous improvement are all cornerstones on which the company has developed.