Brownstown Electric Supply Co Inc


Brownstown Electric Supply Company is a privately owned corporation.

Brownstown Electric Supply Company was formed in 1970 by Mr. Carl Shake and a long time friend and industry associate Mr. Earl Hobbs, who had been in the line of construction contracting work since 1956.

Brownstown Electric Supply Company (BESC) has staff with electric utility experience with backgrounds in line construction, engineering (EE & PE), safety, purchasing and most recently, a first class technical and metering department. BESC has eleven warehouses over 200,000 square feet of warehouse floor space under one roof and maintains facilities capable of handling more and more customers material, enabling to operate with inventory levels at workable yet lower levels than ever and also has a fleet of many tractors, trailers, van trucks, and pick-up trucks.

BESC has outside salesmen who drive 4-wheel drive vehicles that afford the possibility of delivering smaller amounts of material on their regular sales calls along with the ability to get to customers during storms and times that are critical to utility customers.
Brownstown Electric Supply Co Inc also uses EDI, ERS methods. BESC uses the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) method for sending and receipt of the 810, 850, 857, 860, and 997 documents to and from customers and suppliers. The Evaluated Receipts System (ERS) transaction process is currently in place at Brownstown and is being used by several customers. This process eliminates the need for invoicing altogether and reduces the paperwork load in both the Purchasing and the Accounts Payable departments for customers. BESC has over sixty job trailers that are used around the four states. Transactions from companies use these type procurement cards. BESC runs daily fill rate reports on all customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ deliveries and give restock facility. RUS construction units have a bill of material for a given list of units needed. BESC offer custom labeling of products with own internal electronic host system allowing customers to check open orders, stock, order entry, and many other services. 

BESC electric utility world is changing rapidly, deregulation/re-regulation on the horizon, so involved in many different and progressive scenarios with providing a gateway to innovative solutions to lower the total costs. BESC offer a full line of services to its utility friends with the versatility to modify any process.