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California Pavement Maintenance Company, Inc (CPM) is a paving and pavement maintenance contractor. The company also manages private, commercial and public works pavement maintenance jobs. CPM continues to lead the paving and pavement maintenance industry in performance & craftsmanship. CPM founded the California Slurry Seal Association, the California Chip Seal Association and is a member of AGC of California, ISSA, AEMA, ASMA, the builder's exchange and other organizations.
The company was founded in 1979 by Gordon Rayner; California Pavement Maintenance has become one of the West's largest pavement maintenance contractors. CPM specializes in the repair and maintenance of existing asphalt pavement systems. CPM is a complete full service asphalt maintenance contractor with the staff, equipment, technical expertise and determination to help their clients with problem solving solutions that provide long term value.
The company provides services for the installation of new asphalt pavement, repairs and overlays of existing asphalt pavements, sealcoats, slurry seal, chip seals, microsurfacing, earth moving & grading of existing or new parking lots, turnkey ADA compliance for parking lots, emergency repairs, striping, speed bumps and signage, resurfacing of state highways, repair and resurfacing of city and county roads, repair and preventative maintenance of airport runways, taxiways and parking areas. CPM is also the manufacturer of the RoadSaver II Slurry Machine sold worldwide and pavement protective materials such as road weld and steel guard made using the carbonyte technology.
CPM's latest venture is seal coat manufacturing. Through Carbonyte Systems, Inc., CPM produces and sells Steel-guard 60 & 65 seal coat. Using technology originally developed at Lockheed Missiles and Space, this truly space-age material is able to cure at night and at temperatures down to 50°F.
CPMÂâ€Ã¢„¢s growth is the result of their commitment to the clients and their customers. Every customer is important to CPM, and meeting their needs is the primary focus of their business.