Kreamer Feed Store Inc


Kreamer Feed was established in 1947 by George Robinson. Kreamer Feed has developed to be a much respected name in the feed industry, from deliveries on the back of an old pickup truck, to thousands of tons a year in bulk feed trucks. Their sales crews have two divisions, feed sales and poultry/livestock sales. The company test market several new feed and livestock products annually and the livestock products are live or processed.    
Kreamer Automotive Service, owned and operated by their Vice President, Ed Robinson, maintains their fleet of vehicles and other Farm and Feed equipment. Their full service shop has three full-time employees to make sure on time delivery of their products.
Kreamer Feed and its associates have pride in the fact that their business has succeed by doing what other suppliers will not do. Kreamer Feed has the capacity to produce and deliver over 150,000 tons per year of specialized animal feeds and 50 years of experience enable them to satisfy the needs of different customers.
The company invests an average of $200,000 per year in their plant and equipment. In 1999 they invested in new steel ingredient bins and a new rail and truck receiving system. Their business facility is approved for the inclusion of series 1900 drugs for the prevention and treatment of animal diseases. From chicks, to rabbits or dairy, they can give customer the quality which they expect for their animals whether they are pets or high performance animals. Nature's Best Organic Feeds are manufactured in a certified organic mill adjacent to their conventional mill; presently have over 40 organic formulas on file for many species. Their mills have the capability to make small or large quantities of bagged or bulk special orders. 
The company provides services like; Poultry Marketing, their associate, BJE Farm Contract Production, is one of Kreamer Feeds largest customers. The company own and operate 18 poultry houses and they have develop Pekin ducks, silkies, turkeys, Cornish, and many other small and large quantities of poultry. Farm Production and Livestock Marketing, the company has producing all types of animal products and they operate over 1200 acres on 14 farms in Central Pennsylvania, three of which are certified organic. The company has been involved in every type of beef, sheep and hog operation.