Lewis & Lambert Metal Contractors

By: Bubbajunk.com

Lewis & Lambert has been in business from last 35 years at the same location where their spiral division manufactures a complete line of high velocity spiral pipe/duct and fittings. The company is equipped with the latest state of the art sheet metal equipment - coil line, spiral duct machinery, DNC plasma cutters and CAD stations. The company has over 70,000 square feet of plant space, which fabricates over 6,000,000 pounds of sheet metal products per annum.

The company has market their twist products through manufacturerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s representatives throughout the country. They offer wide factory training, plant tours, testing and literature for their representatives, engineers and contractors. In combination with their Reps, Lewis & Lambert teams with design engineers and other construction trades to make sure the most efficient and cost effective project.

The company fabricates high quality round and oval twist duct and fittings to S.M.A.C.N.A. 1995, Second Edition with Addendum No.1, November 1997 Standards, 1985 standards are available and their standard material for construction for both pipes and fittings is G-90 galvanized, which exceeds S.M.A.C.N.A. standards.

Their manufacturing capabilities include: Supply and return spiral duct, Single wall, double wall, round, oval, Conveying systems, Dust Control/Blow pipe, Underground, Process Exhaust Systems, Laboratory Exhaust Systems, Clean Room Duct Systems, Full line of fittings, All materials: G-90, Stainless Steel, PVC Coated, Aluminum, Paint Grip, Black Iron, Acoustical/Thermal Panels - 2", 4", Hinged doors with or without windows, Water based sealant for metal, flexible duct, fiberglass duct board, Connector angle rings  solid welded, tack welded, Van Stone, Manifolding of fittings to pipe, Custom and special construction.  

When specified on contract documents, PVC coated galvanized pipe and fittings shall be provided. PVC coating shall be 4 mil on inside and outside pipe and fitting surface and PVC fittings shall be accumulated with rotates and sealed. PVC coated pipe and fittings shall not be used in systems that exceed 200 degrees F. When specified on the contract documents, black iron shall be provided and specified on the contract documents, paint grip steel shall be provided.

Lewis & Lambert struggles to exceed customer expectations. Their customers say they are the easiest company to do business with in the sheet metal industry.