Mariano Bros Inc


Mariano Bros Inc. was started 1948. The company has providing unmatched customer service they think success would be depend on dedication and commitment. The company has committed to their traditional ideals, while incorporating the demands of an ever-changing business world. Mariano Brothers, Inc. has the experience, personnel and equipment to move machinery and equipment of any size, safely and quickly. Accuracy and coordination are critical, whether customer is moving a single piece or an entire plant. They can handle all aspects of customer project including but not limited to crane service and heavy hauling. 
Mariano Brothers, Inc. has 30 years of experience moving and installing all types of sculptures and monuments. Galleries, museums, artists and conservators all appreciate their ability to respond punctually with professional service and attention to detail. The company has maintains their own carpentry shop for custom crating and packaging for local, long distance and overseas moves.  

The company services are; Sculpture Moving and Installation; from a deinstallation in a museum or gallery space to the creation of a concrete pad and mounting of an outdoor work in a manicured and landscaped yard customer can trust on Mariano Brothers. Attention to Detail; their care and attention to detail include protecting customer floors and property. Projects of Any Size or Medium; Mariano Brothers has the equipment and experience needed to handle projects of any size.
Experience in the Field; they are apprenticed by their senior employees on the processes of safe wrapping and packing and the rigging of artwork of all shapes and sizes. The company specialty: Over-Dimensional Pieces of their specialty is the moving of over dimensional pieces and made them one of the most trusted over dimensional sculpture movers in the country.  

Transportation and Trucking; Mariano Brothers handles domestic and international transportation and shipping of all sizes. The company has headquartered in Bethel, CT and operates nationwide. Distribution and Warehousing; Mariano Brothers maintains over 250,000 square feet of warehouse space. The warehouse has an overhead crane with a picking capacity up to 45,000 lbs for unloading and loading sculptures. Custom Crating and Packing; Mariano Brothers has been designing, building and packing crates for priceless, countless and often famous works. They can work with customer to select the best wrapping and packing materials and work to provide the most safety for a piece in an inexpensive way.