Midwest Minerals Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Midwest Minerals Inc was established in 1947 by John and Mary Stark. They came to the area from Camp Campbell, Tennessee, where they had operated a rock crushing business for the U.S Army. They produced agricultural lime to enhance crop growth, particularly for soybeans and corn. The Ag lime was a principal company product in the early years, more recently, materials used in construction and road material has become the major materials created and sold.
The company headquartered located in four States Community in Pittsburg, KS. Midwest Minerals Inc. and provides crushed limestone aggregates and agricultural lime throughout southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri. Midwest Minerals, Inc. has enjoyed a strong four state presence from 1947. Their products are used in road materials for county and state highway projects, coarse aggregate for ready-mix concrete and asphalt plants. The company also produces finely ground limestone for agricultural use. In fact, ag limestone was the main part of the business.
The Starks later prolonged their business to include quarries in Farlington, Parsons and Mound Valley. In the next several years, additional quarry locations were established as the company experienced growth. Those locations included Jasper Missouri, Miami Oklahoma and Coffeyville and Chetopa Kansas. In the year 1970 and 1980, competitive operations were purchased, which provided the company access to new markets. Companies purchased included Rock Inc. Carr Rock Products, Neodesha, with locations in Elk City, Altoona, Neodesha and Fredonia; Benedict Rock, Benedict; Harry Keith & Sons, Coffeyville and Brian Rock, St. Paul.
Midwest Minerals entered the ready-mix concrete business in the middle part of the 1980s and the asphalt plant started in 1980. The company, which continues to succeed, operates three separate crushing operations that are portable and moved from one location to another. The company produces approximately 10 different sized materials in addition to Ag lime.
Midwest Minerals market area has encouraged the company to embark on a substantial capital improvement program and the improvement project, new crushers, screens, conveying equipment and equipment for washing coarse aggregates have been acquired. Company management anticipates strong demand for specialized construction aggregates in the long-term future. There are over 70 employees that work in production and sales throughout southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri and reserves of limestone estimated to last 75 years.