Permian Tank & Manufacturing Inc


Permian Tank and Manufacturing, Inc., was established in Odessa, Texas, and has expanded as one of the largest manufactures of steel and fiberglass oil storage tanks, gun barrels, heat treaters, separators, and free water knockouts in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Odessa; Permian Tank had built a network of manufacturing plants in Texas and Oklahoma. This network assures service and an availability of parts and accessories, regardless of location.

Permian Tanks fleet of trucks located in Odessa, Giddings, Kilgore and Oklahoma City assures prompt delivery of their manufactured products across the United States. Permian Tank delivers and erects all equipment on the required location with walkway and stairway installed. Permian Tank and Manufacturing, Inc. provide delivery and installation of the highest quality products.

Permian Tank manufactures the most efficient, field proven heater treater on today's market. Treaters are manufactured in all standard sizes. Other sizes are available according to the needs. Other vessels manufactured by Permian Tank include separators, gun barrels and free water knockouts in any size to meet customer specifications. All vessels designed by Permian Tank have been manufactured with quality materials and workmanship.

The free water Knockout is designed to economically separate a portion of the water in a well stream from the oil. The vessel provides a low velocity flow with a large oil / water interface area which allows the maximum amount of free water to settle out. Their primary application is to reduce the water load on a treating system where a large volume of water is present. This can greatly reduce fuel consumption, and in many cases reduce the size of the treating vessel. Free Water Knockouts also have an application where the treating system is atmospheric yet pressure is required to dump the water. Permian Tank makes three models as stock items. The vessels are the same with a variation in controls to meet specific conditions. Other designs can be furnished to meet customer applications.

Permian Tank and Manufacturing, Inc., began manufacturing fiberglass tanks in 1985 for the petrochemical industry. Fiberglass tanks are commonly used for petrochemical, agricultural, industrial and environmental containment purposes. Tanks are manufactured specifically to hold a variety of products such as oil, potable or salt water, acids, chemicals, fertilizers and food, drink products.

Permian Tank and Manufacturing, Inc. assure to continue expanding to meet their customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s needs. Permian Tank and Manufacturing, Inc., growth is the result of their commitment to the clients and their customers. Every customer is important to Permian, and meeting their needs is the primary focus of their business.