Rumpke Of Kentucky Inc


Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc., ranks among the nations largest privately owned waste and recycling companies. Over 100 Rumpke family members work in various positions throughout the company. As a result of their strong work ethic and respect for the environment, the company has found success and owns or operates nine landfills, seven transfer stations and five recycling centers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. 
Rumpke was established in 1932 when William F. Rumpke operated a coal and junkyard business in Carthage, Ohio. Their business focus soon changed to include a hog farm. They collected trash from local residents and separated the trash. Inedible items were removed and recycled while the rest was fed to the hogs.
Rumpke uses Single stream recycling in most of their curbside collection programs. The recyclable materials are mixed together in the bin. Once the materials arrive at the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s recycling center, they are mechanically and manually sorted. This process makes recycling easy and convenient. Rumpke has been working with cities and municipalities for many years to find the best waste removal options for the residents. RumpkeÂâ€Ã¢„¢s 95-gallon waste wheeler holds approximately four standard containers' worth of waste. Constructed of heavy duty plastic and mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability, the waste wheeler makes taking out the trash a single trip to the curb. Rumpke can handle most of the large item disposal needs at curbside. Rumpke has several different yard waste programs.
Rumpke handle all of the solid waste disposal needs. Proper disposal demands the services of specialists who handle different wastes in different and appropriate ways. Rumpke also handles these types of special wastes: contaminated soil, industrial waste (sludge, foundry sand, fly ash, general trash and other), asbestos (friable), non-toxic fly ash, non-toxic foundry sand and asbestos (non friable).  The Rumpke team of highly trained employees provides you with safe equipment and the best service available.
Recycling is an important part of the waste removal service. Rumpke cares about the communities that live and work in and show this by using state of the art technology in their landfill design to protect the environment, contributing time and financial assistance to local non-profits and helping to educate the youth.