Ballard Companies Inc


Ballard Companies Inc. consists of 3 division viz., Ballard Electric, Ballard Engineering and Pro Com systems. Related companies are S.C.E. Inc., Clear Enterprises, Energy Consulting and Investing, Inc., and Ballard Engineering, Inc.
Ballard Electric is the foundation of Ballard Companies, Inc. and it deals in electrical construction projects, whether they are competitively bid "plan and spec.", negotiated, or designed in house.
In 1954, the partnership of Ballard Electric was formed by Bert E. Ballard, Sr., with fellow electrician Norm Knott. Their company was incorporated in 1960 as Ballard Electric, Inc. and later the corporation was renamed as Ballard Companies, Inc. 
From the very beginning, Ballard itself has evolved as a provider of residential wiring into a corporate category of various companies providing commercial, industrial and institutional electrical contracting, integrated control systems, power generation, co-generation and internal communication systems. Its potential includes design-build and turn-key projects, joint ventures and specialty work in energy, consulting and investing.  The Ballard Companies mainly serve the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. But they also have successfully completed the projects in more distant areas within the continental United States and even in Caracas and Valencia, Venezuela.
Ballard Electric performs multi-family, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional electrical work. Ballard Electric's service department offers 24hrs service.  Ballard electric offers electrical repair and maintenance of your commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities.
Ballard Electric has undertaken many huge projects and has completed them successfully. Ballard Electric completed a three phase electrical installation for a health care facility in Elgin, Illinois. Ballard Electric provided the complete electrical installation for a 205,000 square foot grocery store. For more than 30 years Ballard Electric has been catering electrical services and installations for Hamilton Sundstrand Corporations numerous local facilities. Hamilton Sundstrand is an international manufacturer of aerospace parts.
The areas that Ballard Electric specializes in are: Multi-family, commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional electrical work. Stop-light installation and maintenance, 24/7 day a week service department, Electrical Repairs, Electrical Maintenance, Outdoor Lighting, New Installations of power and control lighting.
Ballard Companies, Inc. and its associated entities are perpetrated to provide the best possible electrical industry related products, services, designs, engineering, and new ideas to the customers. By providing this at competitive rates, ultimately customer saves their time, effort, and money and insure sustain steady growth in the market.