Bunn Capitol Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Jacob Bunn started a downtown grocery store in Springfield, Illinois in 1840 and even though the dream began small, with dedication and consistent efforts it bore fruit and the services expanded to making his modest beginning the largest store in town, offering a wide array of goods across the country.  

For the past 162 years, five generations of Bunns have all believed in the power of big dreams.  This indomitable family spirit has made them to go from one tiny store to one of the Midwest's largest and most reputed food service and paper distribution centers and in the present day, Bunn Capitol provides a variety of product and services. Some of these cover products like certified processed fresh produce program, fresh steak program, an extensive fish and seafood line, a full-line dairy & ice cream supplier which has State of the art beverage programs and food service equipment.. The company also extends maintenance and janitorial supplies, provides fine and coarse papers, laundry & ware washing programs apart from being exclusive distributors of unique Golden Age private labeled items. There are trained food service consultants, professional & experienced staff.  

Bunn Capitol offers valued services such as online Order Entry and Consulting Services. The Bun Capitol Web Writer Site allows customers the ability to log on to the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s website, view product information and place orders anytime and anywhere. The Bunn Capitol Food Service Specialists are available for consulting in product cuttings, food preparation, menu planning, plate garnishing, and in-service training.  Menu cost analysis is also available to provide cost information and nutritional content.  Recipes can be standardized to fit individual serving needs.  In addition, desktop publishing services may be utilized in the custom design and printing of menus, table tents, buttons and other marketing items.  

Bunn Capitol is committed and dedicated towards giving quality product and service to its customers. Bunn Capitol is still following its principle from the last 162 years that is Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“Customer Satisfaction.Ââ€Ã¢„¢