Florida Rock & Tank Lines Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc. is engaged in the transportation and real estate businesses. The transportation business is conducted through three completely owned subsidiaries.

Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. is a southeastern transportation company directed in hauling by motor carrier of liquid and dry bulk commodities. Sunbelt Transport, Inc. services the flatbed portion of the trucking industry in the eastern United States. Sunbelt Transport primarily hauls construction materials.  

Florida Rock & Tank Lines serves the Southeast United States as a premiere bulk tank carrier. Florida Rock & Tank Lines specializes in freight consisting of mainly petroleum products and chemicals. It is one of the most modern tank fleets available in the industry, Florida Rock & Tank Lines is comprised of over 500 power units, most of which are company owned equipment.  

Florida Rock & Tank Lines is dedicated to satisfying each of its customers needs with quality service that conforms to the most inflexible requirements. Florida Rock & Tank Lines' service constantly tops expectations. They complete this by maintaining a total commitment and dedication to superiority throughout the company and do the job perfect the first time.  

Florida Rock & Tank Lines has 22 terminal locations spread throughout the southeast. Jacksonville , Orlando, Port Everglades, White Springs, Tampa, Pensacola, Panama City, Charleston, Charlotte, Wilmington, North Augusta, Montgomery, Birmingham, Knoxville, Albany, Atlanta, Bainbridge, Columbus, Macon, Augusta, Dalton and Savannah. Their corporate headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida.  

The gives employee benefits like; Life Insurance, after one month of continuous employment. Benefit is equal tone times the annual base wages or a minimum of $40,000 and maximum of$50,000. Accidental Death & Dismemberment, after one month of continuous employment. Benefit is equal to one times the annual base salary or a minimum of $40,000 and a maximum of $50,000.Requires pre-approval. Salary Continuance Program, after three months of continuous employment 100 percent of salary from day one of illness for up to 150 days. Benefit is dependent upon continued medical documentation and applies for awards from $500 up to $1,500 each for college, vocational or technical studies.  

Florida Rock and Tank Lines they appreciate that, to maintain success and driver morale, safety and concern for the driver and equipment must be a priority they act on each and every day.