Griffin Industries Inc.


Griffin Industries was founded in 1943, it is started by one man, one truck operation, is still operating under this same philosophy today. The company's primary service was to collect animal waste by products from the surrounding rural counties. In 1960 itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s started the first development efforts with the acquirement of a rendering plant in Columbus, Indiana.  

Griffin Industries started acquiring new facilities, building a network that now stretches from the Northeast to the Southwestern United States. Nowadays, Griffin's operations span 17 states with dozens of modern plants that recycle billions of pounds of material annually. The company uses this recycled material to expand products for many industries including the industrial and chemical; pet food and animal feed industries.  

The company's corporate headquarters is located in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Griffin Industries' commitment and dedicated to the environment is reflected in its main office. Griffin collects millions of pounds of waste by products daily from slaughterhouses, packing plants, butcher shops, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. If this waste material were not recycled, the price consumerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s pay for meat would be regularly higher. Products produced from Griffin's rendered fats and proteins include animal feeds, pet food ingredients and organic fertilizers.

The fatty acids and tallowÂâ€Ã¢„¢s derived from the interpretation industry are used to manufacture soaps, gelatins, cosmetics, paints, varnishes, polishes, water repellents, rubber and a biodegradable diesel fuel called Biodiesel.  

In the United States 50 percent of raw steel production, 20 percent of paper and 5 percent of glass is reused. Renderers continually recycle 95-100 percent of surplus materials into useful products. Rendering contributes more than $1.5 billion to the Gross National Product yearly and is responsible for more than $600 million U.S. trade dollars.  

Griffin Industries and Bakery Feeds are dedicated to customer service and environmental stewardship and their basic philosophy is centered on resource conservation. Griffin Industries is the industry leader in the R&D of rendered products. Through university research and industry associations, such as the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, Griffin constantly charge and develops products for many industries.  

Griffin Industries is the largest privately held rendering company in the United States. They are an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace. The foundation that supports Griffin Industries' success in producing consistent, quality products is a dedication bio-security and quality guarantee.