Metl-Span I Ltd


Metl-Span was founded in the year1968 when Controlled Building Systems Corporation began operations in Dallas, Texas as a manufacturer of foamed in place, insulated wall and roof panels. In 1994 Grupo IMSA, the largest steel fabricating conglomerate in Mexico, acquired Metl-Span. Since then Metl-Span has continued to operate independently, expanding its presence in North America. Metl-Span is a service oriented company that is committed to continuous product enhancement and equipment modernization.  

The company consists of four operating groups, steel processed products, automotive batteries, steel and plastic fabricated products and aluminum products. Metl-Span is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing the finest insulated building panel products. As a pioneer in insulated metal panel development for over thirty years, the company continues to make significant contributions to many product design innovations that are industry standards today. The company is constantly expanding their research capabilities in order to develop the highest quality products possible. Metl-Span serves the commercial and industrial and cold storage industries with energy efficient and cost effective insulated metal wall and roof panels. With over two hundred and fifty million square feet installed in North America and in many parts of the world, Metl-Span is a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated panel technology.

Metl-Span offer many benefits for the employees and their families. These benefits include group life insurance, group health and dental coverage, military leave, bereavement leave, stable work environment, paid vacation leave and 401(k) plan paid. The vision of the company is to effective process deliveries while understanding the customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s needs.  

Metl-Span with its manufacturing facilities and its affiliation with its parent company is poised to grow in the twenty-first century as a leader in the metal construction industry. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s mission is to effectively arrange timely delivery of products while understanding Metl-Span needs so that they retain their customers and appeal new ones.