Palmentere Bros Cartage Service Inc


This company was established in 1980 by brothers Joe and Benny Palmentere with a single truck and has grown to becoming a reliable, refrigerated carrier operating 150 trucks and 300 trailers out of Kansas City, Missouri. The growth of the company is attributed to the excellent service along with family values and a professional driving team that the company has always maintained.
Palmentere Brothers Cartage Service is both a common carrier and contract carrier over irregular routes, transporting general commodities (except Class A and B explosives, household goods and commodities in bulk) between points in the United States and Canada (except Alaska and Hawaii) and large grocery companies are its specialty; having an excellent track record serving demanding shippers and receivers of refrigerated and dry freight who deserve perfection. Temperature controlled products like fresh produce and frozen foods, cheese and dairy products, candy, fresh and frozen meats, health care products and related ingredients used in the manufacture of these items are also transported; deep frozen products such as ice cream and frozen novelties that require temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit are not neglected either.

Other time-sensitive products and retail store merchandise, advertising supplements for magazines and newspapers, paper products and replacement parts for automotive companies are some of the diverse industry requirements also met ably by this quality and time conscious transportation solutions company. Drivers check call at least twice a day which enables the company to track loads accurately while facilitating communication about any changes in the status of the load to the driver on a timely basis and the Central Dispatch can inform customers anytime about the location of their freight from their daily communication with the driving force..

Palmentere Brothers has local warehousing and distribution facilities, available for storing both refrigerated and dry cargo and an experienced staff of professionals with many years in the trucking business. The dispatch staff is comprised of able people who are old hands; consistent with providing timely and friendly customer services for those who require on-time deliveries and timely load-tracking capabilities. There is a dispatcher on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to serve, uphold and advise on any kind of requirement the customer may have. A round the clock, personable cartage service that is time and quality conscious without making a large dent in the pocket is just the need of the hour.