Pomps Tire Service Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Andrew –Sparky- Pomprowitz opened a warehouse for passenger and commercial wholesale operations on Roosevelt Street in Green Bay, WI in 1939 he assumed the trade name -Pomprowitz Tire Co- he continued to expand at the original location until a fire in destroyed his entire stock and facilities in 1942.  He managed to replenish his stock and reestablish the base of his operations and occupied what is today the company warehouse, office and parts space in combination with Pomprowitz Appliance Co.  He continued until his presence in the U.S. army was required in June 1942. 
In the early 80's Pomp's moved into Madison and from there Pomp's started to expand and remodel all of its facilities.  Throughout the next ten years Pomp's expanded at a quick pace. By the end of the decade Pomp's had a total of 21 stores located in 3 states of the U.S. The 90's saw Pomps expansion into Illinois and Indiana. This meant that Pomp's was in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana. Shortly after the turn of the century, Pomp's expanded into Iowa and South Dakota, in addition to adding more locations in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

To provide service to customers and their fleet, Pomp's continues to grow and expand.  The company currently operate 52 service locations in 7 midwestern states, in addition to 12 award-winning Bandag retread plants.

Pomps offers a range f services including service of tires that offers a wide variety of services for cars & light trucks, large trucks & trailers, as well as industrial applications and off-the-road equipment. Pomp's Tire Service Has over 50 locations throughout 7 Midwestern states. The company offers services for;  Auto & Light Truck,   Agricultural vehicles, Commercial vehicles, Industrial vehicles, O.T.R., Roadside Service and also Wholesale services.