School Bus Sales Co


School Bus Sales Company was started in 1950 in Waterloo, Iowa, specializing in the sale and servicing of buses to Iowa's public and parochial schools. In 1981, a twenty-five year old entrepreneur named Charles Andrews purchased the company, who has led the expansion of the business into a multi-divisional operation. School buses still comprise the largest share of the company's business. School Bus Sales supplies more than 50 percent of the buses purchased by Iowa schools. The company is also a major provider of bus parts, service and repair. In addition to servicing school buses, School Bus Sales has a well-equipped facility and experienced work force to paint, repair or provide parts for commercial trucks of all sizes.
SBS Trucking recently opened for business in May 1999. SBS Trucking is one of three divisions formed from its' parent company, School Bus Sales Co. SBS Trucking is a relatively new company that takes transportation operation seriously. SBS believes in creating a relationship between the drivers and the customers. SBS Trucking has elaborated the business to dry and specialized freight hauling. SBS haul a wide variety of chemicals and fresh meat and are open to any local shippers who want to hire dedicated and talented drivers. Providing local, regional and over the road truckload service, SBS can assists in all transportation needs.

SBS Trucking provides employment opportunities for the individuals who are interested in a career in transportation operation. SBS creates a more professional approach to trucking and make their drivers more career-oriented. Benefits for drivers include quality home time with their family, 401K Plan, Insurance policy, great pay and contract with owner operators.

SBS success is largely due to the organization and efficiency of management and the effective communication between company, customers and drivers. SBS believes the most important thing that can be offered is service and dependability.