Tri-State Drilling Inc


Tri-State Drilling Inc is environmentally sensitive experts for drilling in flood plains, tidal flats, and marshlands.  

Tri-State was founded in 1955 as Tri-State Drilling & Equipment, Inc., a municipal water well contractor and pump supplier. In the 1960Ââ€Ã¢„¢s the company innovated some techniques for installing gravel packed dewatering wells for the construction industry. The company also started installing drilled foundations for buildings. The business gradually shifted from supplying water to removing water.  

There are special techniques like low overload drilling, rock drilling slurry drilling and swamp access. Tri-State's Lo Drill is the perfect tool for low clearance whether it's inside a building or under existing lines that cannot be moved. The Lo Drill is also the tool of choice for reaching up and down embankments where gaining access might otherwise be very costly. Drilling high quality granites and other igneous rocks with strengths in the range of 20,000 to 60,000 psi cannot be done with conventional tools. For this Tri-State uses a pneumatic cluster drill from ingersol rand.  

So even if it is hard rock, unstable soils, high water table, or pier diameters to 18 feet Tri-State crews get it done in a day. Tri-State has management and employees that have more than 800 Years of combined drilling experience.

As always Tri-State is looking toward the future, purchasing the latest drilling equipment and pursuing drilling innovations. A recent addition to their stable of drill rigs is their 48 inch diameter Ingersol Rand Cluster Drill. It is capable of boring holes into solid granite at advance rates of 1 to 2 feet per hour. With this acquisition Tri-State can almost drill all types of rock.