Styer Transportation Co


Styer is primarily a full truckload carrier of general commodities and the transportation company began operations in 1964 and had a slow but steady growth until 1985 with only a handful of its trucks on the road under the Styer name. Since that time though, the transportation company has grown to over 95 trucks, continuing to prosper at a pace of 10-15 percent annually.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s core philosophy is of sustaining efforts to provide quality service to customers by finding solutions to their needs in a timely and cost effective manner. The operations cover all 48 contiguous states with a large percentage of miles in the upper Midwest region of the country and the company intends to expand at a rate of 10% per year over the next five years with the ambition of successfully maintaining control of operations by ensuring consistent and reliable service for all customers. Styer looks for opportunities to grow the quality transportation solutions business in directions that will further serve the needs of the customers in their region specific requirements.

The motivating factor for the company is the safety element; being put to practice daily: through its drivers and equipment used. Styer believes that safety is a combined responsibility and they have a specially appointed committee which looks after related needs in case an accident occurs. With high standards in safety, the company has the record of zero collisions in February 2006.

Styer is an equal opportunity employer and encourages committed people to apply. Full time status covers those who work a 30hour week regularly/ 1800 miles weekly over an average of 3months. A mileage bonus of $.02 per mile is extended; $.01 per mile is the recruiting bonus and for driver referrals to Styer. A $10,000 life insurance policy plan is offered 90 days from employment to the workers maintaining full time status and there is also length of service bonus which is paid every year starting form the 5th anniversary date of becoming an independent contractor with Styer, beginning with $500 and increasing by $100 every additional year. Drivers are eligible for $40 for every Haz Mat DOT Inspection with no violation and $25 for every non Haze Mat DOT inspection with same strictures.

Styer Transportation Co encourages employees to take their duties seriously at all times, especially when doing paperwork because in the finer details lie opportunities for success and prevention of hidden failure.