Basin Elec. Power Coop


Basin Electric was incorporated on 1961 in Bismarck, to provide power for intermediate generation and transmission G&Ts. Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a consumer-owned, regional generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative providing wholesale power to member rural electric systems in nine states. Basin Electric is a parent company to seven subsidiaries.They provide Energy delivery and the Resources for energy production.

Initially they had a small plant but later Basin Electric has evolved into a network of electric generating facilities with 3,412 megawatts of capacity and 2,568 miles of transmission. They provide low-cost, wholesale power to 121 member systems and other customers in nine states. Their miles of transmission line (115, 230, 345 kV), with 60 Switchyards and substations 49, they have around 1102 employees.

They are running on coal, wind, natural gas, hydro or oil, or ramping up their generation to fulfill peak demand. Basin ElectricÂâ€Ã¢„¢s electric generation plants and synthetic natural gas and byproducts facility run on coal. Coal-based power plants supply approximately half of the nation's electricity. Currently, ninety-five (95) percent Basin ElectricÂâ€Ã¢„¢s energy generation is fueled by coal.
Basin Electric is a recognized leader of wind energy development in the Upper Midwest. Basin Electric, in cooperation with several of their member systems, it operates two wind projects, each site has two 1.3 MW wind turbines.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative has few utilities that supply electricity on both sides of the national electric system separation. The two systems raise the transmission system developed from the population centers on the coasts inward.
Their plant gasifies lignite coal to produce valuable gases and liquids. The average daily production is about 160 million cubic feet of natural gas. Many byproducts are also produced and marketed in the United States and worldwide
Natural gas plant has a two-foot in diameter pipeline that transports the gas 34 miles to a gas portal on the Northern Border Pipeline. The Northern Border Pipeline interconnects with a network of pipelines at Ventura, IA, where it is distributed throughout the eastern half of the United States.
Basin Electric Power Coop is not organized for profit earning they are urging to give continuous service to the consumers with full satisfaction.