Bettendorf Trucking


Bettendorf Trucking was established by Erv Bettendorf in 1961. They started with one truck, hauling shavings to the particleboard plant.  They are also operating as Humboldt Flakeboard in Arcata, Calif. In the span of one year an additional employee was on board and the beginnings of a chip hauling enterprise was taking into form..  

Bettendorf Trucking provides services throughout Northern Calif and Oregon. Their main office is at Arcata, Calif. which is also their corporate headquarters. All initial contacts are to be directed there. The company  also have branch divisions in Anderson, White City, Klamath Falls, Albany, Roseburg.

Bettendorf and Joe Costa Trucking are working together in an area of logistics and communications which provide their customers the top quality services, which they require and deserve.  

Currently Bettendorf Trucking hosts a fleet of 128 trucks and 288 trailers. They have over 280 employees working as drivers, mechanics, and office staff. In trucks they have Peterbilt and Kenworth which are conventional three and four-axle tractors.

They use chip trailers for bulk hauling of wood and agricultural by-products and live floor trailers for delivery of by-products. Also they have waste hauling trailers for their bulk refuse service. All projects are carefully planned, scheduled and financially managed in order to complete each one on time and  budget. A few of their clients include, Sierra Pacific Corp, Weyerhaeuser Corp, Boise Cascade, Pacific Lumber, Simpson Timber, Waste Solutions Group, Joe Costa Trucking.  

In May 2000, Bettendorf and Joe Costa Trucking, together started  a local Arcata trucking company which provides similar services as Bettendorf Trucking does in regard to sawmill operations. These two trucking companies are separate corporations under the same ownership.  

They offer various opportunities for truck drivers, mechanics, and office staff at each of their facilities in Arcata, Anderson, Lincoln, Calif, Albany, and Roseburg. Some of their employee benefits include  profit sharing plan, medical, vision, dental insurance. And annual average salary includes overtime opportunities also.   

Communications, teamwork, partnership, and on-site supervision of their contracts from beginning to end are the keys to their success and the happiness of their customers. Bettendorf high standards of professionalism are combined with reliability and integrity that yield a continuous list of satisfied clients.