Blossman Gas Inc


Blossman Gas Inc established in 1951 located in 8 Southeastern States Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. It is the 11th largest propane dealer in the country.
Blossman provide propane gas that is primary energy source. Blossman Propane is an excellent fuel choice for fleet vehicles that provides long term benefits reduces costs for high mileage vehicles, reduces harmful emissions, on-site refueling convenience, multiple fueling sites in urban areas, assists with compliance to government clean air regulations. Blossman offers a full selection of appliances, gas logs and innovative products for home.
Blossman propane gas logs can fit into existing fireplace or into a new fireplace. Blossman gas fireplaces are as functional as they are attractive, burning cleanly and efficiently without harmful gas emissions or dangerous sparks. Blossman offers heaters to serve a number of specific needs using propane or natural gas. From small space heaters and emergency heat to central and zone heat, customer can choose models that are proven performers at Blossman.
Blossman Gas offers a large selection of gas and electric appliances to serve customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s specific needs. Blossman sells propane and natural gas water heaters. Company also offers greenhouse-heating solutions that require no electricity and no fan to distribute the heat. Vented and non-vented heaters are acceptable, depending on the sensitivity of the plants customers are raising.
To maintain the highest standards for qualified technical service, Blossman is committed to ongoing and up-to-date training for its gas service technicians. Each technician participates in a rigorous skills and safety program that is taught at Blossman's 7,500 square foot training center in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Certified technicians who have passed the requirements of Blossman's training program continue to gain knowledge with factory training updates on new appliances and equipment as it enters the marketplace.
Blossman services and repairs what it sells, including gas and electrical appliances. They have the proper equipment and factory trained service technicians who can repair and service customer problem in a timely manner.