Bolivar Insulation Co


Bolivar Insulation is committed to provide outstanding customer service by providing quality products, quality workmanship, reliable, dependable service, and business with integrity.  

Bolivar Insulation has a full product line including batt and blown insulations; insulated sheathing; aluminum soffit, fascia, and seamless gutter; vinyl siding; new construction and replacement vinyl windows; and garage doors. Bolivar Insulation provides professional installation of the products in the areas of Springfield, Camdenton, Columbia, Kimberling City and Joplin.  

All insulating products are based on a single basic principle. That is heat moves from warmer to colder areas. During the cold days, warm air from inside tries to get out. On warm days, the hot air outside is trying to get in. Insulation slows this process. Which means the only way to maximize home's energy efficiency is to insulate all the areas of your home susceptible to air infiltration and heat transfer.

The company provides products in the insulating system those are designed to reduce the natural movement of heat from warmer to colder areas. Other insulating system components work to control moisture and assure proper ventilation. A poorly insulated home requires an inside temperature at least 3° higher to maintain the same level of comfort. A properly installed Insulating System protects the home with a thermal retarder that helps reduce costly fuel bills during heating and cooling seasons. Reducing air infiltration takes the strain off the heating and cooling units, so they don't waste energy by running longer than necessary. The result can be annual energy-cost savings of up to 10 percent.

The company adheres to its commitment to the clients and its customers. Every customer is important to Bolivar, and meeting their needs is the primary focus of their business.