Brent Redmond Transportation Inc


Brent Redmond Logistics, L.L.C. is the marketing, dispatching, command, and control entity of the Redmond Transportation Group. Brent Redmond Transportation, Inc. is the original Redmond Transportation Group Company.  

Brent Redmond Transportation was founded in October of 1987 as a sole proprietorship and later incorporated in June of 1988 by Brent Redmond at the urging of owner-operators and customers to supply refrigerated trucking services to several small accounts in California. As a regional transportation service provider, Brent Redmond has become a strong force in the industry with the aid of the owner-operator trucker.

The company provides refrigerated truckload and LTL service between most major west coast shipping points; including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Las Vegas, Pheonix and Tucsan, and limited service to Salt Lake City. The company also provides full cross docking services including load consolidation at all four locations and 24 hour live staffed dispatch. Satellite equipped with real time load tracking is also available at round the clock and throughout the year via an online interface.

Brent Redmond is a fast growing, progressive and stable organization that strives for integrity, quality and success in the regional transportation service industry and with the ever changing economy, needs and technology associated with the trucking industry, the company provides a sense of positive direction, business security and success.

Today, Brent Redmond Transportation, Inc. provides 25 Company operated trucks, senior management, and administration to Brent Redmond Logistics, L.L.C. San Benito Equipment, and L.L.C is currently the equipment management and holding company for the Redmond Transportation Group, managing more then 75 trailers.