Cagles Inc


Cagles Inc. began with a storefront chicken shop in the heart of downtown Atlanta. People are enjoying Cagle's chicken not only in downtown Atlanta, but also in downtown Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore. Also throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries in their fast food restaurants, in delicatessens, in hotels, wherever chicken is served, Cagle is there. 
Cagle's dedication to personal customer service remained. The company needed to control its supply, and its expenses. The company's first acquisition was Strain Farms, a grow-out operation that grew chicks into broilers. In 1965, Cagle's built its own feed mill. Later it built a hatchery as well. The company also made exploratory expansions into related businesses, such as Talmadge Farms- a producer of hams, chicken hot dogs and chicken bologna. But as their experience grew, they focused their efforts on their primary product- chicken itself. 
Cagle's has developed a special reputation for controlling the quality of deboning. Boneless chicken is the kind most in demand from institutional customers, and the kind that appears to be the trend of the future for consumers as well.
Cagle's produces and supplies fresh and frozen chicken products for customers across the country and around the world. Products include individually quick frozen parts, rotisserie chicken, breaded chicken; 8-piece cut chicken, bulk frozen parts, frozen tray pack parts, and boneless skinless breast.
Today, Cagle's is fully integrated. They run their own feed mill. They have their own breeder hens, laying eggs on farms run by exclusive farmer-contractors. They have their own hatchery. And the chicks are "grown out" on farms managed by still other farmer-contractors. 
Their mission is to provide value to their customers by manufacturing, selling, and delivering quality poultry products and related services that consistently meets and exceeds their expectations. Simply stated it says provide total customer satisfaction with no unhappy customers...not even one!