Central Vermont Public Svc Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) is an independent, investor owned company providing energy and energy related services to customers throughout Vermont. CVPS is the largest of the state's 22 utilities and serves 151,000 customers across the state. The Home Service Store operates a national home maintenance and repair service. Subsidiary SmartEnergy is a water heater rental business.

CVPS was formed on August 20, 1929, by the consolidation of eight electric companies including those serving Bradford, Claremont (NH), Middlebury, Rutland and Windsor.

Vermont has the ideal work force combination of 300,000 plus workers, high education attainment rates, a longstanding Yankee tradition of hard work and low state mandated costs to employers. The bottom line is high productivity, few work stoppages, an employee willingness to learn and a cooperative attitude toward management.

Verizon's telecommunications network in Vermont is among the most modern in the nation, contributing to the favorable market potential Vermont exhibits. Altogether, about 39,000 miles of fiber optic lines have been placed. Another example of the state's leadership in telecommunications is the Vermont interactive television system, which uses Verizon's network. This two way audio and video interactive system is designed to keep Vermont's highly skilled work force competitive through training, and to enhance business communications through teleconferencing. Central Vermont Public Service provides electric service under price schedules, known as rates, which have been filed with and accepted by the Vermont Public Service Board. Vermont also collects an energy efficiency charge, which funds energy efficiency services provided by efficiency Vermont, the independent statewide energy efficiency utility.

CVPS offers a competitive salary and benefits program designed to attract and keep high-quality employees. The company offers strategic and organizational development training, recruitment services, benefit plan administration, compensation plan design, and employee relations consultation and intervention. An equal employment opportunity and Affirmative Action Program are administered by Human Resources and Strategic Planning at CVPS.

CVPSÂâ€Ã¢„¢s growth is the result of their commitment to the clients and their customers. Every customer is important to CVPS, and meeting their needs is the primary focus of their business.