Cerro Metal Products

By: Bubbajunk.com

The history of Cerro Metal Products starts from the year 1915, the Bellefonte Works began its operations as Alpha Metal Co. later the name was changed to Titan Metal Company and in 1925, the company was re-organized and the name changed to Titan Metal Manufacturing Company. Ownership of Titan passed to Consolidated Coppermines Corporation in 1947, then to Cerro Corporation in 1959 and, through merger in 1976, to The Marmon Group, Inc. In 1986, Cerro Metal Products Company acquired a brass mill in the Los Angeles area, at Paramount, formerly operated by American Brass, and subsequently closed the Newark, CA facility. Several expansion programs at the Weyers Cave, Virginia plant have doubled the size of that facility to 108,000 square feet. Cerro also acquired Accurate Forge (with plants in Bristol, CT and Brave, PA) and assimilated this company into its forging and parts operation. The company is having its headquarters at Bellefonte, PA plant with direct field sales personnel located in major metalworking regions throughout the country.
Cerro Metal Products' brass rod is used by the customers in plumbing, industrial valves and fittings, general screw machine produces, metal service centers and many other markets. Cerro free cutting brass rod is unique for making a variety of parts that require deep drilling, broad form cuts, fine knurling, fine threading and superior finish. Free cutting brass rod is the most easily machined of all metals and alloys. Maximum machine speeds and feeds can be utilized. Scientific tests conducted in Cerro's laboratories have proved superiority of free-cutting brass rod and bar over other metals. In its mill depots, Cerro carries in stock in excess of 3,000,000 pounds of free-cutting brass rounds. Cerro makes different shapes for the automotive, plumbing, electronic and other industries, from free cutting and other alloys with special mechanical properties. High production rates, maximum workability and excretion of scrap parts, easy and uniform ability of machines are obtained by using Cerro brass and bronze forging rod and shapes. Cerro Metal Products Brass wire is produced at Bellefonte, PA operation and includes a wide range of brass wire and brazing rod alloys. Cerro Metal is the leading producer of brass wire in the United States.
Cerro Metal Products is focused on giving their customers the best quality, delivery and service. Meeting the customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ needs is the primary focus of their business.