Clougherty Packing Co


The Clougherty packing Co was started in 1931, by the two brothers, Francis and Bernard Clougherty. Around 1,300 people are working presently including 700 butchers. They are the largest pork packer on the West Coast.  

The skills and knowledge learned decades earlier in the Clougherty's home meat business, the two embarked upon a full-scale meat packing enterprise. Every effort has been taken to meet the quality standards while start from feeding to curing and packaging. The fine quality of the products, as the processing is still done with personal pride and care.

Cloughertys spanning three generations, work together to ensure Farmer John products are in keeping with the past. They closely supervise every packing process. Quality control is foremost. They products include a full line of lean, fresh-cut pork, savory sausage, wonderful wieners, franks, polish sausage, bacon in two thickness, boneless smoked fully cooked ham, as well as a full assortment of pre-packed ready-to-eat luncheon meats, liver spreads and more.

Whether it is hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Farmer John products always reflect high values and low prices. There was easy access to roads and railways, and plenty of opportunity for growth.  Clougherty Packing Company, California's leading producer of fresh pork and pork products, the preservation of their natural resources has been an integral part of their business operations. Throughout the company, they have adopted policies requiring that their operations are conducted in environmental friendly ways and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  

We also utilize state of the art equipment scientifically designed and manufactured to complement our food safety efforts. The latest thermal processing systems, slicing and packaging equipment, refrigeration units and other plant features in combination help us maintain a sanitary environment that benefits our company, our customers and consumers.  

The introduction of new technologies and old fashioned common sense, they can continue to deliver the high quality products in pork for their customers. Clougherty Packing Company's history, their goal has been to provide consumers safe and high quality meat products. The farms that supply their animals, through their processing facilities, ultimately go to the consumer, they work to ensure that their fresh pork and pork products are safe and wholesome.