DMI Inc. offer services on profitable farming, understanding how plants grow and optimizing the fundamental interaction between plants and soil.
To be successful in farming, the interaction between plant and soil must be optimized, and that requires alternative practices, not one simple solution. Soil is farming's core production facility. Its preservation, improvement and maintenance are important in determining yields. Productive soil requires the right composition of soil particles, air and water. Altering its composition will significantly change its productive capacity, like adding water to a desert. 
DMI provides yield-till system which helps plants thrive through primary tillage, root zone banding and seed bed preparation. Primary tillage improves soil tilth by minimizing compaction while managing crop residue. Root zone banding optimizes plant food availability and utilization while minimizing nutrient loss into the environment. And seed bed preparation creates ideal seed bed conditions for earlier, more uniform germination, maximizing yields in all residue conditions. In primary tillage the versatile and economical ecolo-champ which is cutter offers options that tackle tough tillage in all cropping practices. In seed bed preparation the tiger-tine harrow creates smooth, level fields with an even distribution of soil andresidue. The ACS round moderately sizes clods and firms seed bedswhile the ACS flat aggressively sizes clods without the firmingaction of the ACS round.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s goal is to create a plant growth environment that will minimize the impact of uncontrollable stress events occurring during the growing season, enabling the plant to optimize yields while maintaining and enhancing the reproductive soil factory.