Geotek Drilling Co Inc


Geotek Drilling Co Inc was started in 1974 and provides a wide range of subsurface drilling and monitors well installation services.
Geotek operates 21 drill rigs. Soil and rock drilling capabilities include penetration testing and undisturbed sampling in soil and NX, HX and PQ core drilling in rock. Geotek has sampled and core drilled by wire-line methods to depths of around 3,000 ft. Geotek has 3 air-rotary drill rigs for large diameter well drilling and deep hole exploration and have installed many telescoping wells to depths of up to 700 ft. Rigs are mounted on trucks, ATVs, skids, and barges. Geotek has been involved in a number of environmental projects that have included exploratory drilling and monitor and recovery well installation. Geotek are very experienced and trained in hazardous and radioactive waste site work.
Geotek operations are based out of Knoxville, Tennessee and have branch located in Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and Cincinnati, OH. Geotek have concentrated more on the southeastern United States, but have worked throughout the United States.
Geotek services and capabilities include hollow-stem augering, air-rotary drilling, direct push, mud-rotary drilling, cable tool drilling, rock coring, Piezometer and Monitor Well, Installation, Packer Testing, Pressure Grouting, Complete Geotechnical Laboratory Testing (including hydraulic conductivity testing per EPA Method 9100), Truck, Skid, ATV, Barge Mounted Capability, Low Clearance, Compact Drilling Equipment, Health/Safety Trained, Radiation Safety Trained, NGWA Certified with Monitor Well Specialty, Company-Owned Dozers, Backhoes, Fork Lifts, Specialized Capabilities.
Geotek capabilities include Auger and have drilled with 4 in. to 14 in. diameter hollow stem augers and with 4 in. to 22 in. solid stem augers. Auger drilling has extended to depths of more than 200 ft. Geotek has drilled with 4 in. to 22 in. diameter air rotary and air hammer bits through soil and rock to depths of more than 700 ft in various geological formations. For direct push, Geotek has 4 DPT units capable of sampling to depths of 60 to 70 ft if the formation allows. For coring, Geotek has air-cored with 5.75 in. diameter core barrels to depths of over 200 ft and has fluid cored with HX and NX diameters up to depths of more than 3,000 ft., mud rotary , monitor well installation, well development, well development, decontamination, packer testing, laboratory testing.