Galliker Dairy Co Inc


Galliker's is a member of the national Quality Chekd Dairies Inc. The firm is a fourth-generation, family-held, private business. It is located at Pennsylvania and at present, around 122 farms ship raw milk to the dairy from different places.

The company employs approximately 350 people within the scope of its two processing plants (Johnstown, PA and Cumberland, MD) and eleven distribution depots. Galliker Dairy distributes its products throughout major portions of central and western Pennsylvania, Maryland and parts of Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

With almost 125 dairy farms within 100 miles of their plants, Galliker's produces some of the highest quality dairy products within the country. Employing the best dairy farmers from across the region, their dairy products have been nationally recognized for their extraordinary standards and processes. As a member of the Quality Chekd network, they are committed to providing the highest quality dairy products from the highest quality dairy farms.

Galliker Dairy offers several varieties of milk with different fat levels. They include milk (sometimes called whole milk) with 3.25% butterfat, reduced fat milk with 2.0% butterfat, lowfat milk with 1.0% butterfat, skim milk with less than 0.2% butterfat. They also add vitamins A & D to their dairy products to help as supplement customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s diet.

GallikerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s is proud of its Lightsafe Yellow Jug, a revolutionary way to bring customer even fresher milk. It blocks out critical light ray frequencies that penetrate clear plastic gallons and degrade the milk inside. Essential vitamins suffer light damage within several hours in a supermarket dairy case. The same wavelengths also create rapid light-induced oxidation, causing an off-flavor. The Galliker's Lightsafe Yellow Jug blocks these lightwaves and helps to keep vitamin-rich milk intact.

Galliker's My Milk Chocolate is sporting a new camouflage bottle and available in both pint and quart-sized single serve bottles. Galliker's Iced Teas flavors include original lemon, diet lemon, raspberry, peach, lime, green tea, sweet tea and cinnamon. Great traditional flavors include chocolate peanut butter, peanut butter revel.

Galliker Dairy takes pride in its iced tea products. All teas are made with filtered water, premium sweeteners, select tea blends and no preservatives. Galliker Dairy takes special care to ensure that all of its products, especially those containing food allergens, are properly labeled.