Gelock Heavy Movers


Gelock Heavy Movers takes a complete turn-key approach in heavy moving. Gelock's efficiency include rigging and mill right services, latest hauling technology, 5-32 ton hi-lows, 65 ton boom lifts, and a 1,000 ton hydraulic gantry. 
Gelock customers trust Gelock for their specialized equipment needs like suspending a press during emergency foundation repair, moving a press across non-load bearing areas, and moving heavy equipment in confined spaces.
Gelock are proud in having the right equipment and has qualified account representatives to help with how Gelock Heavy Movers fulfill moving needs. Gelock Heavy Mover's uses 175 ton All Terrain Krupp Crane to play an important role in the installation of several catwalk sections in downtown Grand Rapids in Michigan and uses the most modern technology. Gelock Heavy Movers are very much capable to quickly setup and lift three 100-foot long, 30 ton catwalk sections. The catwalk sections were built in parking lots and swung into position in one step. Superior reach and exceptional maneuverability turned a two-day operation into less than a day's work, saving time and resources.
Gelock Heavy Movers uses 65 ton boom lift and 1,000 ton four point Gantry to relocate a 400 ton hydraulic version press to GMI composites in Muskegon. Gelock disassembles the press and trucks it to Muskegon using a 75 ton Bridge Law Trailer.
At GMI composites, Gelock uses boom lift to position the press in line with the pit and the four point Gantry with the boom lift to raise the press upright inside the confined facility. With its high capacity and maneuverability, GelockÂâ€Ã¢„¢s 65 ton boom lift quickly brings presses into position.