Halron Oil Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Halron Oil Company provides distillate, gasoline, and aviation fuels throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.  

Halron Oil Company educates customers how to control fuel costs and work within a fuel budget by participating in HalronÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Price Protection Programs. Halron Oil Company objective is to identify and secure good values in fuel prices. Just as 5% or 6% mortgage rates are historically good values for home loans; good fuel prices can be identified and secured.  

Transportation fleets, contractors, farmers, timber producers, industrial accounts, mines, utilities, marine fleets and home heating customers have all taken advantage of fuel hedging programs provided by Halron Oil.  

Delivering superior and high quality fuel is always a priority at Halron Oil. Halron Oil Premium Diesel Fuel has many benefits including lower fuel consumption and reduced blending requirements. Halron owns and operates a 10-million gallon pipeline terminal in Green Bay, WI. Halron Oil has additional fuel distribution locations with bulk storage facilities in Merrill, Waupaca, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin Rapids in WI and also in Escanaba MI. Halron Oil delivers high sulfur #1 diesel, high sulfur #2 diesel, low sulfur #2 diesel, premium diesel, home heating oil, soy-based biodiesel, regular unleaded gasoline, mid-grade gasoline, premium gasoline, aviation fuels, and racing gas.  

Halron Oil owns and operates a marine refueling terminal on the shore of Lake Huron in Rogers City, MI. This facility offers Great Lake vessels and land-based operators with low sulfur #2 diesel fuel.  

Halron Oil works with customers to purchase fuel when it is in their best interest to do so, because most prices change early every evening and it can make a real difference to the customer when product is pulled. Halron Oil can monitor customer tank levels based on their usage, weather conditions and other extenuating circumstances. Halron installs monitors that read and transmit current inventory levels directly to Halron. Trucks will be dispatched on demand as and when required.  

Halron Oil owns and runs its own modern wholesale fleet providing bulk petroleum products and services throughout Wisconsin and Michigan. Halron Oil provides transport deliveries of marine fuel all around the Great Lakes. All Halron fuel drivers are coast guard trained and certified to deliver fuel to marine vessels.