Hatfield Quality Meats Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

For 110 years, Hatfield Quality Meats has been satisfying customers with delicious pork products, operating as a family-owned company since 1895. That's when John C. Clemens began selling his pork products in the Philadelphia farmer's markets. In 1940 four of John's sons continued the family business, maintaining the quality, integrity and values of their father.

John C. Clemens takes his wagon from his farm in Mainland, later known as Pleasant Valley Packing; to market in Philadelphia J.M. Funk started a pork processing business where Hatfield Quality Meats currently stands. John C. began delivering to Abbots and Hansell Dairies, their first distributors, twice a week. Fire breaks out one August evening and Pleasant Valley Packing is burned to the ground. The four Clemens brothers purchased the original Funk Farm and expanded the business to the current location. Hatfield introduces their employee Profit Sharing Plan benefit. Hatfield completes its largest expansion project to date in 1976, adding 36,000 sq. ft. to its facility with new sausage manufacturing, order assembly, cold storage, and office areas.

There are many types of products such as Fresh Pork, Ham, Franks, Sausage, Bacon, Deli and Specialty.

The commitments of the company are to maintain and apply Christian principles of integrity, ethics and stewardship in all of their customer, employee, and vendor relationships, to realize a reasonable return on their investments, to care about their people. They will provide their employees good working conditions with modern equipment to perform their jobs efficiently, fair wages for work performed, competitive benefits, and a share of the company profits and to support their community through financial contributions, environmental concerns, and extend a helping hand whenever possible.

Hatfield Quality Meats has maintained its integrity and reputation throughout many changing times in its 110 year history, and it has sustained a healthy success that has made it one of the regions most popular brands. Hatfield Quality Meats is committed to continuing their tradition of freshest quality into the future.