I & K Distributing Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

I & K Distributor's is part of Chef Solutions Inc., and out of the Ohio location is one of the largest prepared food manufacturers and direct store delivery (DSD) distributors in the Midwest. The company is the Yoder's Brand Products, Reno's Pizzas, Michigan Brand Cottage Cheeses, and Bernea Farms Brands. All of the aforementioned families of retail brands are owned, marketed, and sold by I & K Distributors, Inc. of Delphos, Ohio.
Ronald Klausing founded the company in 1966. Back then I & K Distributors had 75 customers in the northwest Ohio area and manufactured three items: Yoder's Brand Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, and Horseradish. The products were manufactured in a room, no larger than some people's living room today. Presently, I & K Distributors employs over 600 associates. It produces over 200 line items in its 200,000 square foot facility in Delphos, Ohio.
The company roast beef does not contain any MSG, modified food starch or carrageenan.  Only beef graded USDA Select or better is used. Their roast beef is oven roasted to a medium-well degree of doneness and it is at least 95 percent fat free.
The growth enjoyed at I & K Distributors has helped Reno's Pizza grow over the past 15 years to one of the largest fresh pizza manufacturers in the Midwest. Reno's Pizza, are distributed to grocery chain store operators, wholesalers and distributors in 20 states from Florida to Oregon. This pizza is available in many sizes serving 1 to several. The pizzas are easy to prepare and can be ready in 8 minutes. The company have recently spiced up the flavor of our special recipe pizza sauce and introduced better quality toppings to our line of pizzas.
I & K Distributors, Incorporated has a purpose to be at the forefront in specialty and refrigerated foods processing, distribution, and regulatory compliance. This mission stimulates growth, profitability, and provides job security by meeting and exceeding their customers and regulatory agencies expectations.
I & K Distributors provide quality products, advanced technologies, service through efficient operations, and responsible business practices. Their purpose is to serve their customers with the highest quality food products and services.