Jernberg Industries Inc


Jernberg Industries Inc. was established on 1937. Jernberg is one of the oldest and largest independent forging manufactures in the country. The company has built and maintained a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of high volume quality metal components, striving hard to maintain a technology edge. Their approach is to develop and organize new technologies to raise value and quality for their customer and their drive to integrate the lean manufacturing and administrative structure makes them a leader on a world stage. 
The company builds around 100,000 tons of steel or 20 million parts annually and manufacture over 100 different components, including transmission, suspension, drivertrain, engine and other components. They operate four specialized efficient manufacturing facilities in the Chicago area. The company has entire facilities 454,000 square feet of space, 12 forging presses ranging from 1300 to 3500 ton, 13 dedicated machining cells; five heat-treat furnaces and a full complement of supporting activities.
Jernberg Industries is the nation first independent press developing company. They have designed facilities to serve the high volume market and secured a strong market position by quality, productivity and delivery performance. The company has Jernberg executives perform a takeover in February 1985. Company also maintained management personnel, which are dedicated to continuous quality enhancement. Jernberg Industries widely trained Jernberg personnel for implementing continuous quality development process. Company Established the Jernberg Quality Improvement Team made up of executives and key managers to achieve accomplished quality oriented background.
The company assignment is to be the world leader in manufacture of formed and machined products, by giving the greatest value, highest degree of customer satisfaction, while maximizing profitability.
The company quality policy will perform imperfection free work, on time for their customers, internal and external. They will clearly state and fully understand the requirements of their customers, their jobs and the systems that support and they will conform to these requirements at all times. The will protect the environment by continually improving processes in order to minimize waste and pollution and set to  monitor the performance of realistic objectives and goals that meet or increase legal and regulatory requirements. Jernberg will integrate environmental considerations into all applicable phases of planning and decision making.