Kasle Steel Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Kasle Steel Corporation was started by Abe Kasle in 1922 when he utilized his experience as a metals trader and developed the concept of a steel warehouse to better service customers in the Detroit. This concept grew and is now known as the steel service center business. This business grew over the years and the company expanded the inhouse processing of steel in Dearborn, Michigan.
With a continued emphasis on value-added processing, warehousing, and distribution, Kasle Steel is using this relatively strong time period in the automotive industry to build upon its strengths. Kasle Steel plans to increase sales to existing customers, aggressively pursue new customers, and in response to customer demand expand its facilities and acquire additional processing equipment. In addition, Kasle Steel has been certified with ISO 9002 standard in 1997 and obtained QS certification for all its divisions in 1998.
Kasle Steel quality policy is to consistently meet or exceed customer requirements. Kasle Steel is committed to supply the necessary resources to fulfill its policy through continuous improvement and reduction of waste with objective to satisfy customer needs, provide the best quality products and services, delivery on time, produce at the lowest cost possible, and constantly measure and improve the quality of products and services.
Kasle Steel Corporation is committed to controlling accidental losses to its employees, visitors, contractors, property and environment and Resources and responsibilities have been assigned throughout the corporation to ensure safe, healthful, and environmentally responsible work practices and procedures. Kasle Steel employees have been trained and are expected to comply with established rules, regulations, codes, standards, practices, and procedures. In addition, all employees are expected to immediately report substandard conditions or practices to the appropriate site personnel or the corporation.
Kasle Steel has two divisions; first one is Kasle Steel of Canada, Ltd, Windsor and the second one is at Ontario.
Kasle Steel has been in business in the Detroit area for many years and intends to continue doing business and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the automotive industry in Detroit and in the State of Michigan.