S J Smith Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

S J Smith is the leader in distributing a wide range of welding and industrial supplies, safety products, specialty, and industrial gases. S J Smith was started in 1950 and was founded by Sylvester and Helen Smith as a small welding supply company. S.J. Smith has established from a single store front with three people to a Tri-State, 13 location businesses. S J Smith's early vision was to offer individualized service to smaller companies with affordable price. Later SmithÂâ€Ã¢„¢s son Richard led the company expansion through a series of acquisitions and scratch starts that grew the business to its current stage.
S J Smith Co Inc expanded into safety and industrial supplies, high purity specialty gas manufacturing, welder repair, resistance and spot welding, and welder training. S.J. Smith developed welder training program to help educate, certify and upgrade manufacturing customer base. S J Smith's specially designed operating system allows for the customization of billing statements and report writing for all accounts.
S J Smith policy was to give better welding quality and reduced welding costs to boost productivity. The Oxy-Fuel torch is the most versatile and unfortunately most hazardous tools in this industry, but giving safety guidelines and practices it proved to be safe to operate. S J Smith offers repair and rental welding machines that involved short and long term rentals, spool guns, etc. with using equipment sale. S.J. Smith offers an extensive line of resistance welding products along with a dedicated resistance welding specialist. S J Smith has the capability to service all kind of industrial gas, filling medical oxygen cylinders, and Micro-Bulk systems.
S.J Smith offers an extensive selection of products and equipment which includes a large inventory of gas apparatus product contains cutting torches & tips, manifolds, proportion, and welding torches & tips. S.J. Smith is in partnership with NASCO for preparing industrial products which contains band saws, lubricants, and wire wheel brushes, etc.
S.J. Smith has also actively involved with Matheson Tri-Gas as part of Enable Distributor Program. S.J. Smith, a Matheson Process Approved Distributor, fills all specialty gas cylinders to Matheson's exacting standards.
S.J. Smith has evolved as a multifaceted problem solver and takes prides on delivering the highest quality and best value to customers.